Konstantin Kutyavin Architect

Konstantin Kutyavin Architect
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Konstantin Kutyavin Architect

69, Kostyukova st. 69/152, Belgorod, Russia, 308012

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1 (Russia, Belgorod)



co-operating with your company. development of the concept of the architectural decisions and design, visualizations, 3D modeling landscape design and other.


Konstantin L. Kutyavin (UAR)


Residential & Commercial


      Specialist Experience

      • Conservation
      • Contemporary Design
      • Cultural Design
      • Lightweight Structures
      • New Build
      • Restoration
      • Small Works
      • Traditional Design
      • Other/Miscellaneous


      1-st Degree Diploma of XI International Contest of best Diploma Projects in Architecture & Design
      Certificate of International Association of Unions of Architects for Diploma Project “Recreational & Shopping Complex with Brewery re-construction in Belgorod”
      Bronze Diploma of “Art Of Building – 2004” Festival for achievements in Urban Development and Architecture
      Silver Diploma of “Art of Building – 2004” Festival for Stary Oskol Humanities University


      1000-x European Architecture
      russian architectural magazins ACD