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Why Use a Registered Professional?

Why Use a Registered Professional?

Justin Brain

23 July 2012

Whether you are looking to commence on a small extension to your home or a new factory for your company, it makes sense to seek advice from a professional. An architect or architectural technologist is a professional who, if chosen correctly, can save you time and money.

Why use a Registered Architect?

There is a lot of misconception that employing an architect will be expensive and of little benefit to you or your project. This is entirely misleading as, in most cases, an architect will provide you with an imaginatively designed building, save you time and money as well as making the whole building process less stressful to you, your family and/or your business.

Better Design

An architect will interpret your initial visions using design flair and imagination in order to create a 'quality' building, which has been derived through a clear understanding of your requirements.

Architects are essential to a successful design team and subsequent building project. They can guide you through what can be complex statutory procedures, monitor the building programme and inspect the works from commencement through to a successful completion on site. Throughout the project you will have peace of mind that you have the security of your architect's professional indemnity insurance and that your 'registered' architect is complying with the strict code of conduct imposed by the registered architect's governing body and professional competence.

Architects are trained to think creatively and laterally within the constraints of your brief to provide you with a good designed building that will maximise your investment. Good design adds value and an architect can maximise space and light together with suggesting alternative solutions, energy-conscious designs and sustainable materials.

Save Time... and Money

An architect can save you time through managing and co-ordinating the key design and building process elements of the project. This allows the project to run smoothly giving you more time to spend on other pressing issues whether it be choosing finishes or running your company.

An architect can save you money by not only designing the building with a clear appreciation of its running costs in terms of its efficiency but also by choosing the right materials to suit the budgetary requirements. They can save you or your business money by prioritising the achievement of the project in terms of time, cost and quality.

In employing an architect, they will establish a clear identity to your building that has been designed with optimised functionality for the end user irrespective of it being a residential extension or new build for a corporate client. They will look to design a building that is not only pleasing to the eye, both in interior and exterior, whether it be traditional or contemporary in appearance.

Dependent on your requirements an architect can create a flexible building, which will not only cater for your present needs but also accommodate future requirements of you or your company.

Architects can locate builders' conversant with the style of your project and they can obtain a selection of costs to allow you to choose the most suitable builder for your development's requirements.

In short it is not only common sense to employ an architect it is essential to the success of any building project.

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